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The top cyber security concerns this year could help you plan for your business’ security needs moving forward. DSA Technologies has seen them all over the years, and we work with industry leaders as well as experts at the FBI, to keep up to date on what the newest threats are and how we can use our expertise to stay ahead of them for our clients.

Consider Evolutionary Changes In Cloud- And Edge-Computing

With the shear amount of data and insight that businesses collect from consumers – from nearly everything you touch, purchase, or interact with – “soon almost every piece of data will be generated far outside the data center and used in workloads that can’t be stored or processed in traditional data centers or hosted cloud environments” – VMBlog. This means each of these touch points is at risk, and businesses which utilize consumer data must be hyper vigilant about the storage of the data they use and collect. DSA helps businesses develop edge- and cloud-based computing and storage, working with your existing system needs to customize a solution that your team will actually use and embrace.


Social Engineering via Phishing

Where previously the risks of attack for consumers included exploit kits utilized by cybercriminals, numbers show that there will be more cases of phishing not only in email but also SMS and chat platforms. Even chatbots, a popular feature on many websites for their convenience and functionality, can be exploited or designed to hold an initial conversation and create a pretext for obtaining personal information.


Assess Work-From-Home Network Security Risks

Home Networks in Work from home scenarios have the potential to open you up to security risks if not set up properly. With each smart device the home may include, the IOT risks with smart home tech can multiple. From the Alexa downstairs to the wifi printer to the network storage devices, if your employees are using their home network for work purposes, each of these could provide an entry point into the enterprise network.

Working from home is a perk of the 21st century, and one that brings businesses the opportunity to hire the best people and offer unique benefits. It isn’t going away anytime soon. DSA can help you set up remote network security properly, to ensure their just as secure in the home office as they are down the hall from you.


Malware And Exploits – They’re Not Going Away, But They Are Constantly Evolving

The cybercriminal is ever-evolving. New ways to infiltrate a network or database will happen. We’ve always said, it’s not if, it’s when you’ll be compromised, and the new year is not changing that. Criminals are simply developing new ways to infiltrate new avenues. Threats in 2019 include updates to “fileless” components, minimally modifying files, infecting legitimate system files, and more sophisticated use of AI, among others.

“A proactive, multilayered approach to security is key to thwarting threats that exploit vulnerabilities. This includes network traffic solutions and vulnerability protections” according to Stay Safe Online. While you may not be able to predict when you’ll be compromised or how, you can certainly put steps in place to evaluate your network, and identify potential threats before an attacker does. Connect with our team of experts to get started.


Ensure All Members Of The Organization Endorse Cybersecurity

When we say all, we mean ALL. It’s easy enough to tell the newly graduated assistant what the security protocols are, but are you sure that they’re being followed? Does the accounting department understand why they need a VPN? But possibly most importantly, security must be a buy off from the highest points of your organization. As Forbes puts it, “in an era when technology often is the business, members of a board need a rock-solid understanding of the security risks facing their company.”

Having an expert cybersecurity team working for you, accessible to everyone on your team, from the board member to the assistant, can ensure your company is taking the right steps to respond to attacks and threats we know are out there. Check out the Managed Services DSA offers for ongoing cybersecurity assessment and management.


No matter the cyber security resolution, we know that in 2019 that data will still be the currency of the world.  Implementing these resolutions can help your business increase security awareness and find the threats existing in your networks. Contact our team to get started with an expert team beside you.


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