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Who needs a Cybersecurity Plan? The short answer: EVERYONE! But of course, the long answer is more nuanced. In today’s technology-driven landscape, it’s necessary for your business to have a cybersecurity plan in place. But, it won’t give your company the desired protection if protocols aren’t being followed and implemented at every level. An organization must have buy-in from the top down in order to ensure security is prioritized. 

A cybersecurity plan is an essential tool that can help you ensure your directors, COO, or company owner understands the importance of security. It will also help to define the current and future state of your company’s cybersecurity: where is the company’s cybersecurity currently and where would it like it to be? Whether you’re part of your company’s IT team, or working as a security manager or CIO, there are several arguments for having a cybersecurity plan in place (and making sure it’s followed!)

Top Three Reasons for a Cybersecurity Plan

1) Cybersecurity is Constantly Evolving 

At the beginning of this year we discussed some of the top cybersecurity risks and how to protect your company. It should come as no surprise that cyber attacks are at an all time high – local cities are being shut down due to ransomware, 22% of businesses were hit by phishing attacks in Q1, the list goes on! 

As technology continues to change, security risks are evolving as well. That’s why it’s important to have a framework in place that is constantly evolving with your company’s cybersecurity needs. No matter how big or small your business is, believing that there’s no risk of cyber crime could make you an even bigger target. 

2) A Security Plan Can Provide Protection 

This may seem like an overly obvious reason, but if the details of your cybersecurity plan are not adequately communicated and followed, it’s not doing much of anything. 

That means everyone – from interns to CEOs and directors to board members – must have a solid understanding of the security risks that your company faces and what your company is doing to protect itself. Employees must be trained to recognize the signs of an attack and the appropriate steps to take. As an article in Forbes discussed: “In an era when technology often is the business, members of a board need a rock-solid understanding of the security risks facing their company. This is needed to not only ensure that security teams have the capabilities to mitigate and respond to attacks but to prepare for the fallout when measures fail.” 

If your company does not have the resources or needs help getting started, our managed services team can provide assessments, help ensure that the plan is tailored to your unique risks, and provide support to ensure ongoing maintenance and protection. 

3) Keep Your Business Running and Reputation Secure

A data breach can cause a lot of damage to your company’s internal functions, or stop operations for a week or more. Can you afford to halt all employee activity for a week? Can your clients trust that their data is secure when they trust you with your service?  

Partners and clients need to be able to trust the companies they work with, and if you’re not carefully following a cybersecurity plan to protect your company, that could leave your organization vulnerable to any number or attacks; a vulnerability that could negatively affect your company’s reputation as well as your bottom line. 

What do you do now?

If your company is in need of a cybersecurity plan, we can help! Our managed services team can work with you to develop and implement a cybersecurity plan. With decades of experience in development and implementation, and clients throughout the country, DSA Technologies knows what it takes to keep your business running when attacks happen.

Contact us today to find out how we can best meet your company’s needs.


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