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Accidents happen. Disasters occur. Yet those realities do not need to be synonymous with disastrous repercussions to your company’s IT. When it comes to disaster recovery, it goes hand in hand with data security: your company’s data needs to be securely backed up in order to be accessible in the event of data deletion or corruption. While a disaster for one business may not be for another, business continuity will always be the #1 goal and should be a part of your data security plan.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

There are many ways that DSA Technologies’ award winning managed IT services can work with your company to ensure your data is secure and recovered in the event of a disaster so you maintain business continuity.

Natural Disasters

During the 2017 Napa Fires, a client’s production and DR sites were both threatened. Our team was able to bring the client’s production environment to our data center and had the client’s organization site operational within three hours from the moment we were first alerted. In this case, because we had recently deployed a new hyperconverged solution with this client, from a hardware standpoint it made this situation much smoother than it could’ve been with traditional hardware. Our managed services – both remote and onsite – made this client’s disaster recovery smooth and painless in the face of truly great natural disaster.

Data Breach

As more and more companies move to cloud-based solutions in order to benefit from accessibility nearly everywhere in the world, that also means a greater potential for a system or data breach. Luckily, our managed IT services teams and the network solutions we provide  bridge the gap to ensure your cloud files are recoverable if compromised. With managed services, each client has a dedicated team that focuses on the technology of their business. We’re able to work together to provide strategic IT assistance in order to help our clients secure networks and data.

Virus Threats

While the odds of a natural disaster such as fire may seem relatively low, data security still faces other increasing threats such as virus attacks. We’re a fan of telling clients, “It’s not if… It’s when.” There has always been a constant evolution of viruses, malware and ransomware to deal with, and attacks seem to be more prevalent each day. Understanding these threats is the first step to preventing them, and that’s where our team comes in.

Data Loss

In each of these scenarios, mitigating data loss is the key to ensuring your business is not affected by disaster, natural or virtual. We understand that your data and its security are paramount, because data loss can cost your company innumerable dollars and hours. Our team provides strategic IT assistance to ensure that your data storage is secure and able to grow with your company as needed. That way, if you do face a loss of data, we’ll have a failsafe system in place to ensure proper data recovery.


When it comes to data security and disaster recovery, our managed services team is eager to work with you and your company to find an IT solution. Our team was recently recognized for excellence in Managed IT Services for three years running, and we will continue to take our services to the next level. Contact us to learn more about how our managed IT services can support you and your company when it comes to disaster recovery or any other IT need.


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